Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Welcome to the world of Despair and Hopelessness...

Hypocrites. The world is full infested with them. They're everywhere, u never know that you're living with one of them. And slowly they will infest you too without you knowing. All hypocrites never admits that they're hypocrite.

These corrupted people, will do anything to get others corrupted for their own gain. They don't care if it's wrong or right, what they care is they achieved their own satisfaction. Spread the viruses, kill the soul of the youngsters, feed them with sex,music, and drugs. We like it,yes we do. Forget about school, go elsewhere, arcade shop,karaoke lounge,gambling,night clubs, rempit, do whatever you like...we support you all youngsters for it.If you like it, we like it too. And for that,for all your support, we're gonna give you a present, an entertainment hub for all you people out there for the year 2020,WOW, what a nice surprise...can't wait for it !! And to make this dreams come true, all you citizens must donate to us,all your money you worked hard to earn for us...u don't mind it, do you? just a bit increase in petrol prices won't effect you guys anyway, because we know you all still can survive it.

We don't need agama education, it's not working anyway...just a burden for student in school just to pass the exams. What we need is more artists,sexy,cute,kawaii, pretty stupid looking artists who speaks with their mouth first before thinking with their head. Make them as sexy as possible, let the boy's tearing out their eyes out seeing the girls,idolizing them like God. Give them porn,do lots of concerts, let them go wild,because when they do, nobody gonna realise what we the corrupted will do.Isn't it nice?

Control the media. make the people looks stupid. Let them live in fear. Spread the rumours,don't care if it real or not. Let them fight among themselves, it's entertaining and looking from above, it's a nice view from up here.Torture them,eat them, sacrifice them, they're all nothing but expendables. 

 And so, we welcome you, welcome to the world where screams cannot be heard, prayers are not fulfilled. Welcome to the world of despair and hopelessness....miahahahahahaha...

Ugly acting and song
You're just a can't-dance Handsome
Your copulation is dirtier than money
Unprincipled strategist
Abuse, middle aged spread
Feeling like a braggart at the nook of a BROWN pipe

Please disappear because it is an eyesore

You were born from the mouth?
Nothing but continuing flattery from your knothole
Your copulation is dirtier than money
Unprincipled strategist
Abuse, middle aged spread
The half-crazed brat is drenched to the bone

Please disappear because it is an eyesore
It fails together if going straight

Curtain of wine red  cannot tell apart
As it flows down  A dancing dream
Imitating left and right  Crooked  Masquerade

In a decorated swaying love
Drowning in this moment
Those who swarm to you are instant sympathizers
A ruined greenhouse Prince
A CHANDELIER in the back of your head
Those dying-out days  Your sympathy is a Hyena

The voice that bloomed in your face
Is a worthless pile of idealism
Facile “Eternity” is an overused dream

With mulitcoloured tears
With mulitcoloured words
If painted over, could you exist with that face?
The imprint seen over and over
In the lies given over and over
You’re rotting as you’re self absorbed  See?

P/s : luahan hati seorang rakyat biasa2 je....

Monday, April 4, 2011

20th Anniversary - L'arc~en~Ciel


So dah lama aku tak update blog ni. Bukan apa,line internet rumahku telah terputus atas sebab kerja2 major renovation tuk menambah bilik dan membesarkan dapur. Jadi sebab tu masa tuk menginternet ngan memblogging jd terbantut sat, ni pun dpt online ihsan dari berokben gua yg sentiasa bersamamu walau di mana jua...

hari ni punya update is...L'arc~en~Ciel 20th Anniversary..Wooo~~hoooo~~ sudah hampir 20 tahun aku follow laruku ni,sejak zaman 1994(time skolah rendah darjah 4,band ni lak ditubuhkan tahun 1991...kirenye dah 20 tahun gak la aku melayan J-rock nih).And for this 20th anniversary, special albums are released which is L'arc~en~Ciel 20th Anniversary Tweenity. Apa yg special about this album ialah album2 ni merupakan kompilasi the best song from Laruku, dan dibahagikan kepada 3 zaman, Twenity I - 1991 - 1996 which cover the compilation from the album Dune through to the album True. Twenity II - 1997 - 1999 cover from the single Niji to the single Love Flies and the last one Twenity III - 2000 - 2010,cover their releases from the double A-side "Neo Universe/Finale" to their commercial only song from last year, a cover of " I Love Rock 'n Roll".

A sneek peek on the album's cover :-

Twenity 1991-1996
1 Voice 4:53 hyde ken
2 Floods of tears 6:12 ken tetsuya
3 As if in a dream 5:32 hyde ken
4 Blurry Eyes 4:20 hyde tetsuya
5 In the Air 4:51 hyde hyde
6 White Feathers 7:58 hyde ken
7 Vivid Colors (Album Version) 4:46 hyde ken
8 Natsu no Yūtsu (Time to Say Goodbye) (夏の憂鬱 [time to say good-bye] Summer's Depression?) 4:13 ken hyde
9 I'm so happy 4:43 hyde hyde
10 flower 4:58 hyde hyde
11 Sayounara (さようなら Good-bye?) 4:28 hyde hyde
12 Caress of Venus 4:25 hyde ken
13 "good-morning Hide" 5:02 sakura hyde
14 Lies and Truth ("True" Mix) 5:52 hyde ken
15 Sai wa Nagerareta (賽は投げられた The Die was Cast?) 4:09 hyde ken

Twenity 1997 - 1999
# Title Length Lyrics Music
1 Niji (Album Version) ( Rainbow?) 5:07 hyde ken
2 winter fall 4:53 hyde ken
3 LORELEY 5:58 hyde hyde
4 Shout at the Devil 3:57 hyde ken
5 fate 5:41 hyde ken
6 Anata (あなた You?) 5:15 hyde tetsuya
7 HONEY 3:48 hyde hyde
8 Kasō (花葬 Flower Burial?) 5:13 hyde ken
9 snow drop [ray mix] 4:33 hyde tetsuya
10 HEAVEN'S DRIVE 4:15 hyde hyde
11 Pieces [ark mix] 5:45 hyde tetsuya
12 Driver's High 4:10 hyde tetsuya
13 Shinjitsu to Gensō to (真実と幻想と?) 5:22 hyde ken
14 Sell my Soul 4:39 hyde hyde
15 Ibara no Namida (いばらの涙?) 5:22 hyde hyde

Twenity 2000 - 2010

# Title Length Lyrics Music
1 NEO UNIVERSE 5:07 hyde ken
2 finale 4:53 hyde tetsuya
3 STAY AWAY 5:58 hyde tetsuya
4 get out from the shell 3:57 hyde yukihiro
5 READY STEADY GO 3:45 hyde tetsuya
6 Hitomi no Jūnin (瞳の住人 Living in Your Eyes?) 5:55 hyde tetsuya
7 REVELATION 3:18 hyde yukihiro
8 New World 4:06 yukihiro yukihiro, hyde
9 Jojōshi (叙情詩?) 5:10 hyde ken
10 AS ONE 3:44 hyde hyde
11 Link -KISS Mix- 4:46 hyde tetsuya
12 MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM 4:16 hyde ken
13 DAYBREAK'S BELL 4:11 hyde ken
14 Pretty girl 3:17 ken ken
15 I Love Rock'n Roll 2:48 Alan Merrill, Jake Hooker Alan Merrill, Jake Hooker

All of this were released on 9th March 2011....Get it from nearby store :D:D
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