Sunday, July 27, 2008

Guren - GazettE


Just to share another video with you guys. Titled as above and this is why I love JRock. I wonder if there is a band in Malaysia that can write a song this good....not just some song about get in love,break up,curang yada yada...try listening to this song,don't worry it is subbed.perhaps it can get some inspiration for you guys out there....

Guren - GazettE

Can't understand the lyrics? take a look at the Promotional Video(PV) again and let me explain the symbols and the meaning of the song:-

1.tap = penis room = mother's uterus
3.white paint =semen
4.the girl = embryo color = alive
6.white color = death

At the beginning of the song you can hear the girl laughing [but i cannot hear that, maybe the single version?] ..which represents the embryo's innocence in the mother's stomach and also the baby's loneliness inside her mother.

Then you can see the girl moving around in her red dress, in the red room and she was painting the walls with the white paint. But eventually, the room turned white and her dress isn't red anymore but white, it meant that death has come upon the embryo and she died inside the mother's uterus.

if you watch the PV again, the girl move around ONLY when she's wearing the red dress, in the red room. But when gazette was singing, the girl was wearing white and she was standing in a corner, NOT MOVING because she died already so the whole scenery revolves around the death of the embryo.

When you refer back to the lyrics, it actually makes sense and the lyrics are written from the mother's point of view.There is also another version of the story, but it says the mother is GIVING UP on her child and then she regrets what she did.

Here is the lyrics :-

Gomen ne, ato sukoshi anata no namae to nemurasete
I'm sorry... after awhile, let me sleep by your name

Yorisotta sugi shinichi wa itami wo yorokobi ai
Ryoute ni utsushidasu anata wo omoi naiteiru

The passing days drew us closer
The pain is matched with joy
Both hands reflect that
I cry when i think of you

"The mother and the baby is linked together and obviously she cries when her baby dies"

Soko ni furu kanashimi ha shiranai mama de ii yo
Ansoku ni furue wo oboeta taguri yume wa nani wo miru?

There is a rain of sadness
It's fine just to remain unknown
I tremble for repose, i remembered
What do you want to see in this reeled in dream?

Usure naide anata yo wazuka na toiki wo kikasete hoshii
Chiisana kodou de naku anata yo koko made oide

I dont want you to fade
Let me hear, even a sigh
A small heartbeat, that isn't there
I want you come here!

"The mother does not want the embryo to leave. She wants to be reassured that the baby is still living, even if its just a sigh.The small heartbeat means alive, but it isn't there anymore"

Kawaranai yume ni tsuduki ga aru nara douka togireruzuni
Koufuku to yobe nakutemo oborete kasanaru hibi wo

Unchanging dreams, if this continues on
Please don't pause in your happiness
Even if it doesnt need to called out but
The drowning days are piling over me.

Usurenai de anata yo
Wazuka na toiki wo kikasete hoshii
Chiisana kodou de naku
Anata yo koko made oide ?

I dont want you to fade
Let me hear, even a sigh
A small heartbeat, that isnt there
I want you come here!

Sukui no te sae mo aimai de
byokisami no mayu wa ito
Wo chigirezou ni aru darou ?

Even the hands of salvation is also in vagueness
Will there be a cocoon at intervals of the second, without the string tearing off?

Usurenai de anata yo
Wazuka na toiki de kiitete hoshii
Chiisana kodou no nani
Kasurenu inori yo todoke

I want to hear, even a sigh
Little rhythm to the sound of the heartbeat
Of touched prayers delivered

Yobenu namae wo daite
Yubiori kazoeru asu wa kienai
Mimi wo fusagi kiiteta
Yurikago yuenu oto

The name which i cannot call out i held closely
Counting with my fingers, i don't want tomorrow to disappear
Hearing with blocked ears
The sound of a broken cradle.

Tori mo noseru haruni
GUREN no hana ga saku

The spring time will never come again
The crimson lotus is in bloom.

That's all for the lyrics.Phew........hahaha,can't believe it that sometimes i can be deep like this. Tribute for Jrock Forum TopFlight for the info.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Freedom & Justice


Well, i feel like writing it here tonight. I was just browsing the web,and of course,Youtube is one of a must for me to log in. I was searching for more of The Gazette songs since i've just started to know the band, and the kind of song they have. One song gets into my attention, Taion:-

Gazette - Taion(translation)

A wintry sky and the broken streetlight cold wind.
Unknown shadow the footprint of desertion.
Freedom was taken.

If it wakes up a gloomy ceiling.
A laughing voice sinks in the eardrum it is soiled.
And violence rapes me.

An understanding is impossible.
Why was I chosen? Someone should answer...

Please, I want you to reply that this is a bad dream,
How much should I scream, anguish, and suffer?
Please, I want you to tell me this is a bad dream,
How much will this voice that seems to be torn to pieces cry?

There is no hand of preparing of the disordered hair.
A laughing voice sinks in the eardrum a faint temperature is mixed in the midwinter.

I killed my voice, and persuaded my withering self
Not to lose sight of life
The shivering evening that killed my voice is going to sink into pain
Forgive me for my breath that seems to have stopped

Please, I want you to reply that this is a bad dream
How much should I scream, anguish, and suffer?
Please, I want you to tell me this is a bad dream
In my last moment, I want to try to smile once more.

Ok, that's the lyrics there that gets my attention. The song was actually based on a real murder case whereby you can read it here :

and this song is a tribute to the murdered girl.

Therefore, when i was reading the story, i began to think, that we humans are becoming animal day by day. Children are not protected, even from their own parents, like case haruan makan anak, or the allahyarham Nurin and the missing Sharlinie...why are we becoming like this? It sad that until today nobody found Sharlinie yet,and i wonder if the one who kidnap her will do the same as what the boys do to Junko Furuta,or Nurin.Listening to the song i can feel what did they felt before their last breath,kinda sad since i too have a little sister. Let's pray that little Sharlinie is still okay,although my feeling doubt it,and just trying to be realistic and prepared for the outcome.

The government? forget bout them,they don't give a damn about some child missing. They are much more concentrated on that one person, the sodomy case,rather than other much more serious case like murder and child abduction for abuse...and let's leave it that way,i don't want to go much more deeper.That's all up to your own judgement. I have my own thoughts,and you guys got use it wisely and help to make Malaysia a good place to stay for you and your future......

Just something to babel about at 3 am in the morning, and its just my 2 cents. I can be wrong,but,who's perfect anyway. Peace out,salam.....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hari ni Hari Kamis......


Hari ni aku tak gi keje, huhuhu mane la tau mlm smlm pas abis keje jer smp umah terus baring, sakit giler paler,tak penah2 aku sakit malam tu langsung aku tak bangkit2 pas maghrib.

Ni pun kepala pusing lagi nih, petang2 ni baru kurang skit sakit dia. Bosan takde mende nak wat,layan PSP pun main sengsorang bukak la blog ni,alter2 skit...saje tambah video lak kat atas tuh ngan update playlist kat tepi.

kerja aku kat Prudential teramatlah bosan skali. Aku mengharapkan sesuatu yg mencabar, bukannyer wat customer service,adehlaaa...biler la nak abis praktikal nih. Aku harap sgt2 4 bulan ni takde la wat customer service ajer,antor la wat underwriting ker, claim ker yg merupakan faveret aku, ok la gak,baru mencabar jiwa dan perasaan.huhuhuhu, spesis aku ni mmg tak seswai wat keje back office...suke kuor2 tgk2 site tmpt claim ke,cam keje yg dulu kat broker dulu tu syiok...

Sbenarnye arini ada meeting sama Bank Negara, bebudak lain ada pergi kot. Aku pun sebenarnye nak pegi gak, nak tau apekehal bank ni panggil dak2 dtg petang2 gini,tp dah demam2 selsema ngan sakit kepala nih, tak dapek la nak pegi.

Emmm...ari pun dah petang,aku nak sambung balik rehatkan kepala,malas nak MC lelame nanti apa org lain cakap lak kangg..baru 2 minggu keje dah wat hal..hahaha...


Wednesday, July 2, 2008



Orait...asalnye nak wat blog ni smlm sbb smlm adalah first day aku start praktikal aku kat menara prudential kat Jln Sultan Ismail,Kolumpo. Punya la dah on pc dah siap nak tulis,aku lepak2 jap baca2 buku,tau2......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.......smp kul 2 pagi,dan waktu itu siaran ke tenet telah ditamatkan(dah tutup),so aku menyambungkanla tdoku kembali dan sambung pade keesokan ari(dah malam dah pun)....

Okeh,aku start kuar umah kul 6:40 pagi,nak elak jam pnyer pasal n nak dpt parking free.huhuhu.Amik yat kat PPR kul 7.00,gi parking kat tmpt biasa(Kg Attap laaa..mane lagi) dan menuju ke monorel pegi ke stesen bukit nanas....tu la stesen paling dkt ngan opis aku tuh.

Tggu smer kumpul,aku,Yat,Shima,Diyana,Fakhri waktu awal2 dtg aritu. Ktorang pun masuk la dlm opis tuh,jmpe ngan sorang akak tu(aku tak ingat name dia..hahaha),g minum2 dl kat blakang ofis. Terserempak lak same ewan...hahaha kusut tul... Ok la,pas minum2 tu masuk ke ofis, kena briefing same En. Najib, dan ada plak rescheduling mane nak letak budak2 ni, dan aku kene transfer ker Prudential Assurance,sbb nak balancekan dak2 Pru-BSN Takaful yg 5 org ngan dak2 PAMB(Pru.Assurance M Bhd) yg 3 org jer. Sib baik Akram ade,kire bergeng la gak aku. Huhuhu tp kecewa pun ade, sbb aku mmg nak wat takaful,tp takper pun experience gak.

So naik la ktorang berempat ni, Aku, Wawa, Akram ngan Puteri ke tingkat 16.Kat ctu baru tau ktorang kene wat customer service...hahaha Aku ngan Puteri department Conservation Unit, Akram ngan Wawa dept lain,yg handle incoming call...

So basically keje aku ialah keep in touch ngan customer same agent,mailing,update data smer. So ari pertame mmg takde benda wat sgt laa....yg ade pun soh stdy sistem dia,yg aku same put dah blur2 dah....pergh susah giler..environment dia pun ok la,ada skit tense,almaklumla cha ya nun alip paham2 la kan....

2nd day,arini lah,ktorang takde wat apa2 sgt pun, just wat record on return mail,yakni surat2 yg dikembalikan la senang citer. huhuhu,and our target ialah 500 surat sorang..hahaha,amik ko..giler punyer bnyk...saje nak bg ktorang yg tak bestnyer...ampir dah 500 nak siap,dah save dah,suddenly tau2 ada org overwrite save ktorang...hahaha.. kene start balik......waaaaaaaaaa~~~~~~ tensennnnnnn.......~~~~so sok,kene tulis balik...adeh letih sunggoh baru ari kedua nih...camno la nak survive 6 bulan nih.....

huhuhu...i really need good luck for now...Salammmmm..
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