Sunday, July 27, 2008

Guren - GazettE


Just to share another video with you guys. Titled as above and this is why I love JRock. I wonder if there is a band in Malaysia that can write a song this good....not just some song about get in love,break up,curang yada yada...try listening to this song,don't worry it is subbed.perhaps it can get some inspiration for you guys out there....

Guren - GazettE

Can't understand the lyrics? take a look at the Promotional Video(PV) again and let me explain the symbols and the meaning of the song:-

1.tap = penis room = mother's uterus
3.white paint =semen
4.the girl = embryo color = alive
6.white color = death

At the beginning of the song you can hear the girl laughing [but i cannot hear that, maybe the single version?] ..which represents the embryo's innocence in the mother's stomach and also the baby's loneliness inside her mother.

Then you can see the girl moving around in her red dress, in the red room and she was painting the walls with the white paint. But eventually, the room turned white and her dress isn't red anymore but white, it meant that death has come upon the embryo and she died inside the mother's uterus.

if you watch the PV again, the girl move around ONLY when she's wearing the red dress, in the red room. But when gazette was singing, the girl was wearing white and she was standing in a corner, NOT MOVING because she died already so the whole scenery revolves around the death of the embryo.

When you refer back to the lyrics, it actually makes sense and the lyrics are written from the mother's point of view.There is also another version of the story, but it says the mother is GIVING UP on her child and then she regrets what she did.

Here is the lyrics :-

Gomen ne, ato sukoshi anata no namae to nemurasete
I'm sorry... after awhile, let me sleep by your name

Yorisotta sugi shinichi wa itami wo yorokobi ai
Ryoute ni utsushidasu anata wo omoi naiteiru

The passing days drew us closer
The pain is matched with joy
Both hands reflect that
I cry when i think of you

"The mother and the baby is linked together and obviously she cries when her baby dies"

Soko ni furu kanashimi ha shiranai mama de ii yo
Ansoku ni furue wo oboeta taguri yume wa nani wo miru?

There is a rain of sadness
It's fine just to remain unknown
I tremble for repose, i remembered
What do you want to see in this reeled in dream?

Usure naide anata yo wazuka na toiki wo kikasete hoshii
Chiisana kodou de naku anata yo koko made oide

I dont want you to fade
Let me hear, even a sigh
A small heartbeat, that isn't there
I want you come here!

"The mother does not want the embryo to leave. She wants to be reassured that the baby is still living, even if its just a sigh.The small heartbeat means alive, but it isn't there anymore"

Kawaranai yume ni tsuduki ga aru nara douka togireruzuni
Koufuku to yobe nakutemo oborete kasanaru hibi wo

Unchanging dreams, if this continues on
Please don't pause in your happiness
Even if it doesnt need to called out but
The drowning days are piling over me.

Usurenai de anata yo
Wazuka na toiki wo kikasete hoshii
Chiisana kodou de naku
Anata yo koko made oide ?

I dont want you to fade
Let me hear, even a sigh
A small heartbeat, that isnt there
I want you come here!

Sukui no te sae mo aimai de
byokisami no mayu wa ito
Wo chigirezou ni aru darou ?

Even the hands of salvation is also in vagueness
Will there be a cocoon at intervals of the second, without the string tearing off?

Usurenai de anata yo
Wazuka na toiki de kiitete hoshii
Chiisana kodou no nani
Kasurenu inori yo todoke

I want to hear, even a sigh
Little rhythm to the sound of the heartbeat
Of touched prayers delivered

Yobenu namae wo daite
Yubiori kazoeru asu wa kienai
Mimi wo fusagi kiiteta
Yurikago yuenu oto

The name which i cannot call out i held closely
Counting with my fingers, i don't want tomorrow to disappear
Hearing with blocked ears
The sound of a broken cradle.

Tori mo noseru haruni
GUREN no hana ga saku

The spring time will never come again
The crimson lotus is in bloom.

That's all for the lyrics.Phew........hahaha,can't believe it that sometimes i can be deep like this. Tribute for Jrock Forum TopFlight for the info.


Anonymous said...

yea...those lyrics are wrong actually...^^;

Anonymous said...

whoa i can hear the little girl's laugh.

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