Saturday, July 26, 2008

Freedom & Justice


Well, i feel like writing it here tonight. I was just browsing the web,and of course,Youtube is one of a must for me to log in. I was searching for more of The Gazette songs since i've just started to know the band, and the kind of song they have. One song gets into my attention, Taion:-

Gazette - Taion(translation)

A wintry sky and the broken streetlight cold wind.
Unknown shadow the footprint of desertion.
Freedom was taken.

If it wakes up a gloomy ceiling.
A laughing voice sinks in the eardrum it is soiled.
And violence rapes me.

An understanding is impossible.
Why was I chosen? Someone should answer...

Please, I want you to reply that this is a bad dream,
How much should I scream, anguish, and suffer?
Please, I want you to tell me this is a bad dream,
How much will this voice that seems to be torn to pieces cry?

There is no hand of preparing of the disordered hair.
A laughing voice sinks in the eardrum a faint temperature is mixed in the midwinter.

I killed my voice, and persuaded my withering self
Not to lose sight of life
The shivering evening that killed my voice is going to sink into pain
Forgive me for my breath that seems to have stopped

Please, I want you to reply that this is a bad dream
How much should I scream, anguish, and suffer?
Please, I want you to tell me this is a bad dream
In my last moment, I want to try to smile once more.

Ok, that's the lyrics there that gets my attention. The song was actually based on a real murder case whereby you can read it here :

and this song is a tribute to the murdered girl.

Therefore, when i was reading the story, i began to think, that we humans are becoming animal day by day. Children are not protected, even from their own parents, like case haruan makan anak, or the allahyarham Nurin and the missing Sharlinie...why are we becoming like this? It sad that until today nobody found Sharlinie yet,and i wonder if the one who kidnap her will do the same as what the boys do to Junko Furuta,or Nurin.Listening to the song i can feel what did they felt before their last breath,kinda sad since i too have a little sister. Let's pray that little Sharlinie is still okay,although my feeling doubt it,and just trying to be realistic and prepared for the outcome.

The government? forget bout them,they don't give a damn about some child missing. They are much more concentrated on that one person, the sodomy case,rather than other much more serious case like murder and child abduction for abuse...and let's leave it that way,i don't want to go much more deeper.That's all up to your own judgement. I have my own thoughts,and you guys got use it wisely and help to make Malaysia a good place to stay for you and your future......

Just something to babel about at 3 am in the morning, and its just my 2 cents. I can be wrong,but,who's perfect anyway. Peace out,salam.....

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