Saturday, May 23, 2009

Summary of This Year.......


It's May, and it's not too late for me to wish Happy Mother's Day and Happy Teacher's Day.

Hidup aku tak banyak pun berubah. Mungkin sedikit pertambahan dari segi tanggungjawab,kehidupan aku, dan dunia di sekeliling aku. Tapi semua tu perubahan fizikal sahaja, di dalam aku masih aku yang macam dulu,kosong tanpa motivasi...huhuhu,entah kenapa aku rasa bosan sgt dengan hidup ni,aku tak nmpk sebab apa tuk aku wat mende2 apa yang aku wat sekarang nih,tuk dunia yg corrupted nih...totally unmotivated,tunggu nak mati je nih....

Berat betul dugaan yg Tuhan bagi kat aku skang nih.Bila kt rasa benda tu dah berlalu,tiba2 dia datang kembali,menghantui diri dan jiwa yang baru je nak pulih dari luka lama....damn aku benciiiiiiiiii~~~~~!!!!!!Kenapa la selalu jd mcm ni,aku dah malas lagi nak fikir dan amik tau,tp makin aku ignore, makin slalu dia datang,macam tanak aku lari dari benda nih....then wat should i do?confront it? huh,membunuh diri aku je kalo aku wat camtu....Ya Allah tenangkan la hati aku ni,bntu la aku tuk keluar dari situasi ni.....

In your letter are only unreadable characters
I want you to meet me and let me hear it from your mouth

The white i cant get used to is my weak point
Even my sigh echoes
Though if i knew the sky's colour, i would be rescued
Someday I want to forget even the breathing,
which i', unable to perform well
It seems like even the strength to be able to wish dries out

When i sing "tomorrow, face down", thorns go along with sleep
Restraint was twined around my body
Even the mind seems to sleep
The warmth which touched my cheeks was so familiarly gentle
The shadow i saw in a blurred gulch, a warm - coloured dream

Even if a day comes when my eyes,
which are reflected in you, will lose sight of you
You're burning yourself into these eyes
The days on which the sunbeams fall through the trees
Dont take me with you

The leaking white shakes
It seems like i forget the words as well
My tears are flowing, where do they go to?
Call my name
Embrace me until i break
Im scared of losing more than this

Where are you, singing about me?
Even i prick up my ears, what echoes is my unstable heartbeat
The warmth that should have remained on my cheek, i cant recall it
What i saw in the blurred gulch was the cold - coloured reality

I draw close to your so very small wish,
which you made with thousand paper cranes
In the end of my memory, which just counts my sighs
without being able to restore your smile, i hear your voice
The morning on which i lost everything
"The two of us can't become one"

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