Monday, June 30, 2008

Hari Ini dan Esok......


Latest update from me after a while i haven't been updating this site. Think i could make some change by writing in English, but well,maybe just for this post. Need to practice my writing skills sometime.....

Okay,today is my last day of the first session in FSTEP. Already give out all the passcards, take my results,and start my way for the second session which will commence in less than 6 hours from now..huhuhu

I can't believe that 6 month of classes and fun already over.It all started at 10th of December 2007, where my first day in FSTEP started. I meet back some of my old classmates and schoolmates, and new friends from group A1,A2 & A3. Nice to meet all you guys, Feqah, Raja Shahrul, Ewan, Khairul, Fendi, Mogan, Yani, Nazrin,Haizan,Potter,Izzah and so many more i can't list in here... love all you guys..

Tomorrow next challenge is coming, internship at Prudential BSN Takaful. I wish luck to all my friends and wish me luck for my undertaking~!

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