Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Malam ni Malam Rabu........


Sekian lama aku dah tak menulis kat blog ni....this is my second post for this year,huhuhu(pemalas sbnarnya).

A lot has happened to me from the end of December 2008 till now. Right now, i am officially free,means i have no jobs,no nothing, nak bayar kete den nih?adehhh ponin jap.

So,nak away for a while,bz wat keje lain and officially,aku dah bergelar antu tenet...hoyeeeeeee~~~~~!!Got something big to do now, and i can't tell it yet,still in the drafting stage,insyaAllah later when the thing is going smooth and clear,i'll talk about it ok?

Ja mata ashita naa.......Assalamualaikum
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