Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Because of You

All you do is give to me, all the time, every day
I’m about to cry, I’m so happy
I’ve realised that I’m not alone

I close my eyes, and right away you make it all overflow
The tracks of my life so far
Along with smiles I can’t live without and nostalgic voices

Sometimes I didn’t understand and gave you trouble
But you took me seriously
I’ll say the words “Thank you”
From the bottom of my heart, to your heart

Facing a future
That was far away, too far away
Things looked hopeless and I wanted to give up
Even then, you were by my side

Running down a long road
Now I’ve gotten just alittle stronger
Because of your voice guiding me
I’ve been able to have faith and come this far

It’s time for something to change
Coming out of my shell, I’m going to fly away now
You taught me the meaning of your love
Over time
It’s coloured me

That day you softly whispered to me
“You’ve made your dream come true”
I’ll send you my love from here
With this song, forever

Because of you, I’m living here now
You’ve always taken me seriously
I’ll say the words “Thank you”
From the bottom of my heart
To your heart
To your heart

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