Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tq for everything....

Two years have passed since you and I broke up
but somehow it still seems like it was just yesterday
We've both gone our separate ways, but
occasionally I still find myself passing you on the other side of the street

I can't really say
that I'd like to return to that time, because it was very difficult, but
the truth is, even now I can't help but feel sad
because I still love you...
I was miserable, sad, and cried every night
You broke my heart, so I tried to forget you,
but for some reason I still think about you, don't I?
I'm just so lonely...

Where are you now, and what are you doing?
I wonder if you were ever able to fulfill those dreams that were so important to you...
Maybe I just worry too much about things like that, but
please, don't erase me from your life

Do you still remember? The tears and the smiles
that overflowed in those precious days
Then we wept together,
and said we'd meet again, that we'd never forget...
Even though I'm such a weak crybaby,
could we maybe walk together again?
I'll wait as many years as it takes for that day to come

Please let me hear your voiceI'm still right here
I'm not going anywhereI'll always, always be right here

I want to hear your voice, so I'll try calling you on the phone
But as I expected, you won't take my call...
Are you avoiding me? I don't understand it
Then one day I ran into you
You looked so happy, smiling, holding hands with the person you're in love with now

You looked so grown-up, so very beautiful
and although it should have made me sad, I was kind of happy for you
Just seeing your face and that you're doing well is I tried to act cool
I couldn't say anything, though, as I tried to hold back my tears
So I just gave you a little wave
to say "thanks" and "I'm doing fine"

So goodbye to you
Even now, I still wish you nothing but happiness
You, the person who I love so much, who soon I won't get to see anymore
Really, thank you from the bottom of my heart
So goodbye, please be well
Until the day we meet again...

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