Sunday, March 21, 2010

All ambitious....

If you're alright with these stained hands, I'd offer them to you any time
We don't need any maps or signs, close your eyes and we'll walk together.

It hurts more when you pull out a knife
then when you stab it, did you know that?
A flower doesn't even know how pretty it is, ever in its life.
Isn't that sad.

If you hang on to my back,
a little wind wouldn't harm, right?
come on, if you're gonna be slow like that I'll leave you behind
Boys & Girls hurry, hurry up

I guess I can't give you a kiss goodnight
I'm sorry, I'll sing for you instead
How about we're "even" now?
But what do you mean by "amiable"?
Is this line kinda awkward?

If you give me a chance, apologize and I say Girls, be ambitious

On lonely nights,
An indescribable restlessness,
a fear you just can't run from, a loneliness that makes you wanna cry
"Unfortunately" come visit you too, huh?

So that you could sleep tight on nights like that
Here's a charm.


Lanun Ranggi said...

hyde spiking london..hohohooh

Hydolarc said...

speking obersi la jangg

MizZ Ejay said...

conclusion die...?
(eryjay vF)

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