Monday, October 1, 2007

Dearest Love

Overflowing in your faintly colored laugh
dearest love These thoughts I was drawing came to a stop

dearest love Led by the wind in this times I hold close
I was gazing at you... is all of this an illusion?

It all came crumbling down a bit too quickly but not a thing has changed
Buried only by our disagreements the path before my eyes was blocked

ah why does my heart stop beating when it's so painful?

ah why do I keep leaving you when I believe in you?

Please don't think about the coming of the end, because we got past it
dearest love everything'll burn way up in the sky

I don't understand anything anymore... why must I keep being hurt when I'm hurt to the point of grief?
I want to see your smile, this love I wrapped up will turn to ash

ah why does my heart break so much when it loves so much?
...only that dazzling season is wavering anymore


Anonymous said...

q estúpida cancion, porq los hombres son tan imbeciles...porqué te sigo dejando cuuando te creo? eso no es lógico porq si creyera en la chica y creyera en su amor no la seguira dejando ir...pero es obvio q una mente que solo ve por sus propios sentimientos no lo puede comprender.


Hydolarc said...

dude....english dude,english

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