Saturday, July 25, 2009

White Melancholy

Beyond the drapes fluttering in the wind,
what shivered at the feeble voice wasn’t my body,
for the first time, I felt “loss"

An anxiety that indelibly stains and won’t go away,
About to forget the warmth of the wiping hand,
The white plaster walls kidnap my peace of mind,
How many times will I see April before it ends?

I crumble this easily just from our crossing paths,
That’s right, I’m more fragile than I let on

Lightly, flutteringly, I tremble in misery,
Oh, Melancholy that doesn’t show in the smile I return, to where…
The meaning of TRANSIENCE realized by the weakness I reflect on,
Now so I can protect you, so I can hold you…

Say the answer is a lie, smile and tell me it’s a bad dream

Unable to breathe, simply enduring,
Oh, Melancholy that completely enshrouds the words held back, to where…
The tomorrow I wanted to hold on to is blooming even now,
as if to protect you
quivering, quivering, quivering

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