Sunday, February 10, 2008

Endless Love

The familiar face in my dreams, is the tenderness that I await
Even though tears flood the skies and earth, I’ll never let go
Every moment passes in loneliness, because I have made a promise
Deeply touched moments between us, love must wake up

Throughout the ages only love will remain as a myth
Perpetual motion of tides will never bring regret to the promise of true love
After many painful toilings and struggling in the dark
Hold our hands together, never to part again

Love that is capped by snow, will only be melted by the embrace of true hearts
The flame of love on a lamp in the wind never decreases and dies
Waiting for flowers to bloom, spring comes and goes, Time laughs because I’m a fool
Heart is as cold as steel, letting the world to ruin, but I’ll always be missing you

Happy or sad times, its only love that’s the eternal myth
No one forgets the ancient promise
Your tears become colourful butterflies on the sky
Love in the wind letting both hearts to fly freely

You’re the only beautiful myth in my heart...

Tetiba malam ni aku terasa jiwang laks...huhuhu leh tahan sentimental gak aku nih.....
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