Thursday, December 17, 2009

Serenade - Versailles [PV]

PV terbaru dari band Versailles, utk upcoming Album Jubilee next year. A very nice,touching song,written by Kamijo specially dedicated to the one of the deceased Descendant of the Rose,Jasmine You last August...may he rest in peace...

The night where I cannot sleep goes on...
I want to see you.
The interrupted time is depressing,
My song is long.

There were no suspicions, far away
On the road we walked.
Hey... we had a promise, right?

No matter how high the wall, we crossed over it
Why are you not here anymore? I want to see you...

Like this, to my heart,
Everything is problematic,
So how far should I go?
I can't walk anymore...

Because I met you in a dream, that dream will
Cruelly disappear again
Yes, just like a falling star...

That brilliant light has stopped.
And in the east, the night sky cries
My heart began to seethe,
And the door opens...

If I can meet you again someday,
Will I be able to see?

No matter how high the wall, we crossed it and came here
Thank you, you can sleep now, because I can walk on my own

The dream in which I saw you returns to my heart
Surely, someday, the night sky will lead to the dawn
My shaking heart will return to my warm chest
It's okay like this - I can walk, and the far-reaching sounds pierce the

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